Yoga in Ibiza

Ibiza is a place where artists, musicians, bohemians and creatives feel at home. The island breathes freedom and inspiration and is surrounded by beautiful nature. Yoga is therefore very popular on the island. In fact, according to many, Ibiza is the best place in Europe for a yoga holiday. There are many resorts where you can go for a long-term retreat, but it is of course also possible to take a few individual lessons during your holiday. An island to completely relax.

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One day Retreat Ibiza

Experience ultimate relaxation during a One day Retreat in Ibiza. The perfect daytime activity during your stay in idyllic Ibiza.


What is One Day Retreat Ibiza.

For anyone who wants to, but doesn't have the time to go on a retreat for a week, there is One Day Retreat Ibiza. The concept is clear: In one day you will experience the same great feeling as if you have been on a retreat for a week.

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Choose a private retreat, where she transform your villa into a sacred space and where you are only with your own company. Or spend the day completely in nature with your composite group.During the exclusive mini-retreat you are completely unburdened and you don't have to think about anything but yourself. In addition to the different styles of yoga and a special walk through the healing nature, you will be introduced to mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques.

The retreat starts with a special opening circle and from that moment on, not only your mind, but also your body is spoiled with delicious, healthy and lovingly prepared food. From juices, healthy snacks to lunch: everything is included and arranged for you on this day.

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One Day Retreat Ibiza is guided by the two founders: Lauri Berkhoudt and Jochem Thijssen .

Both have various diplomas in the field of body and mind. Jochem has a background as a tennis teacher and physiotherapist. Lauri takes care of the body & mind part.Because the groups are small (your own group), the supervisors have all the attention for you and your group.

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Mix & Meet Retreat

Every Thursday there is also the Mix & Meet retreat. Here you have the opportunity to meet like-minded people and we will show you the spiritual hotspots of the island.

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Do you want to get more self-love, fun and satisfaction out of your life and do you feel like a nice holiday experience in Ibiza that revolves around you.

Our One-Day-Retreats are not only experienced as a wonderful moment for yourself, but above all as an instructive day that provides practical tools and insights into your beliefs, negative thoughts, emotions and unprocessed traumas. In short, everything that stands in the way of really enjoying life.

how to be more in touch with your feelings
-how to create inner peace and balance
-how to feel emotions and process trauma
-how to achieve your dreams & goals
After this retreat you will recognize the signals of your body much better, you will know what you need to feel good and you will go home with renewed energy and inspiration.

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Happy Life Retreat

Do you want some time for yourself. Want to relax, recharge and feel better about yourself. Would you like to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and gain insights and tools with which you can break through patterns. Then the Happy Life Retreat in Ibiza is for you.


They bring you back with yourself again and you work on your personal development in a beautiful environment. In addition, during this fully catered luxury 7-day retreat you will visit the most unique places on the island, have fun and meet like-minded people. In short, the ideal combination of content and ambiance.

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You will find our fantastic villa in one of the most amazing locations you can imagine. You experience the beautiful sunset every evening from your own terrace. You will also enjoy the delicious and healthy food that is served to you. Our private chef prepares this with a lot of love and attention and the presentation is also a feast for the eyes.

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Every day you start the day with a wonderful yoga and mindfulness lesson from one of the best teachers on the island. Followed by a coaching session and afterwards a delicious communal lunch. In addition, various workshops are given for extra depth in your process. 

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In this pleasant environment you work on yourself and reconnect with your feelings and your body. Between the varied program you have enough time for yourself. For example, to read a book, lie by the pool or explore the area. The  beautiful retreat location is located in a quiet area surrounded by breathtaking nature. The ideal place for reflection This retreat is given in Dutch

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Destino Ibiza Pacha Hotel

In addition to accommodation, restaurant, wellness and a swimming pool, Hotel Destino also employs a number of experienced permanent yoga teachers (including one of the best yoga teachers in England). Several yoga classes are given here every day, from hot yoga to vinyasa (also in English). The lessons are also accessible when you do not sleep in the hotel. You can also combine a yoga class with a day at the spa and access to the swimming pool. All teachers can also be booked for private lessons.

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Bad Yoga

At Ibiza Yoga you get a full experience. During a stay in one of the two villas you will receive yoga from qualified teachers, fresh vegetarian meals and personal guidance. The apartments and yoga studios have beautiful sea or hill views and are located near the beach of Beniras. You can go here all year round and English is also spoken.

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bad yoga


Amante is a restaurant and beach club in a great location. The beach club is built on a cliff and is surrounded by rocks, lots of greenery and has a sea view. Every Monday & Thursday (09:00 – 10:30) you can come here for yoga lessons from the experienced teacher Ruth. After class you will be served a healthy breakfast in Amante's restaurant. The lessons are suitable for both beginners and advanced students and can also be given in English.

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Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat

Do you want to gain the full Ibiza yoga experience. The Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat is a 7-room resort in an elevated location with a magnificent view of the sea. A stay at the resort is all about mindfulness, yoga, meditation, massages and much more. You also get homemade meals and fresh bread and fruit.

Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat
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Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat (3)

The classes are taught by Lena Tancredi, a Brazilian who has lived in Ibiza for a long time and has a lot of experience.

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Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat (5)
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Would you like yoga classes in English. Please ask about this when making the reservation. Many teachers in Ibiza do speak some English.
Most yoga studios and resorts are located in the middle of nature and are a bit more difficult to find. Most websites therefore provide an extensive map with directions.
Make sure you leave home on time for a lesson. Yoga is all about relaxation, getting stressed out about being late or not being able to find the studio is counterproductive.

Yoga is also a good way to lose weight with for example yoga burn