Winter in Ibiza 2

It should come as no surprise that Ibiza is one of the most popular hotspots as a holiday destination in the summer. The autumn and spring are now also a household name with the opening and closing parties, but the winter months have still remained a well-kept secret. Now of course we hope that much of this magical feeling will remain, but we are going to give away some secrets about how beautiful winter in Ibiza can be.

To Ibiza in winter

This question will probably be one of the first things that comes to mind. It may be more obvious to look for a city trip, winter sports or distant sun destination during this period, but when you discover the beauty that can be found there, maybe you think as much as we do.

In the winter period to Ibiza. What a fantastic idea. You will experience Ibiza in a completely different way. In contrast to the hectic July and August months, during this period peace and beautiful silence prevails and you will discover Ibiza in a completely different way! For example, the sunsets are more spectacular than ever, the most fantastic colors come to life. We already met many Dutch people, but also French, Germans and English, who also like to come here during this period. For us it is clear: Ibiza in winter is a super recommended place (2)

Delicious mild winter

The Balearic Islands have a Mediterranean climate which means that there is no real winter as we know it. It is never really cold here all year round and you will therefore not soon need winter coats. You can even get a nice tan. In winter it is usually about 15 to 16 degrees, but with a little luck it can also reach 20 degrees! A dip in the sea? It is probably a bit too cold for that, although you will always see a die-hard here and there who takes the plunge. With a sea of ​​15 degrees you can call that a refreshing dive. Keep in mind that some accommodations do not have heating and it can get quite chilly in the evening, so a few good sweaters and cardigans are recommended! (2)

In Ibizatown, most of the smaller shops and boutiques (mainly aimed at tourists) are closed during the winter. The (big) chains such as Mango, Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Pimkie etc. will remain open. Ditto for San Antonio: the tourist shops close almost all, except for a handful. This is less the case in Santa Eularia: quite a few people spend the winter here. The city usually attracts a slightly older crowd, so quite a few restaurants and shops are still open here. I must say, we succeeded quite well, shopping for winter outfits.

Hippy Market Ibiza in winter

Las Dalias Market

The most fames market on the island is open all winter and has become an excellent plan to enjoy on Saturday mornings, with live music in the afternoon and attractions for children. The number of stalls is smaller than in summer, but you will still find fashion, accessories, handicrafts and local gastronomic products. Schedule: Every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. From mid-December they also organize a Christmas market at Las Dalias until the beginning of January.


San Joan Market

It is really worth going to the market in San Joan. This hippie market is open all year round and definitely worth a visit when the sun is high in the sky. In the summer there are many tourists, but in the winter months it seems that all the "locals" from the mountain come to meet each other. You open your eyes. This is what makes Ibiza so much fun and why we are so in love with this island. Rich and poor, sober and stoned, conceited and embracing everyone. In the cozy little center, the square with live music is an excellent place to have a drink and meet people. For us this is really the nicest place to go on a Sunday.

Beach Peace & good food

The beaches are quieter than ever and you often imagine yourself alone in a beautiful fairytale environment. A big advantage of the winter is that there are no beach beds or those large umbrellas that spoil us beautiful view. You will often be all by yourself in the winter, wy enjoy all that peace and quiet. We think it,s perfect to take a nice walk and then settle down in one of the super cozy beach bars to be open and reward ourselves with a delicious drink  that sounds good right. (2)

Here are some Hotspots we visited in the winter monts


With our feet in the sand! White tables, chairs and lounge sofas covered with azure blue cushions are the decor of this cozy beach club. From Atzaro beach club you have a view of the extensive beach of Cala Nova. Plop into one of the comfortable chairs, take a deep breath and enjoy the view of Tagomago Island. Especially in the winter months you can enjoy the tranquility at this beach club. On holiday with the kids? They can lose all their energy in the children's playground of the beach club (open from Wednesday to Sunday) or build beautiful sand castles on the beach! The menu consists of tasty cocktails, fresh juices and Mediterranean dishes that are adapted to the season. They have delicious grilled fish, paella, pasta and tapas. (3) (2)


The owner is Dutch and with her Spanish husband they understand exactly what her customers need.
What a top location and what a class business. If you go here for lunch, you will have a great afternoon. We think that everything is right here. Everything for the customers and the service is optimal. And we haven't even talked about the location yet. What a wonderful view so right on the water. Don't be alarmed when you arrive, drive right in front of the door, here is valet parking. Your car will be parked neatly and a few euros is enough for the person who takes good care of your car. We are always very happy when we come here. (3)

Alma Beach Ibiza

We certianly don't want to forget this boho beach club we enjoyed it and relax in the winter while enjoying live performances by different bands. On a beautiful sunny day you can sit here under the pine trees.  If the wind blows a little, you are guaranteed to be protected from the wind in the lounge sofas (4) (5)


Another restaurant open all year round is Yemanjah on Cala Jondal. They make the most delicious paella here, but you can also go for a good piece of steak, for example. What you should definitely not forget here is to order a pitcher of sangria. This is made on site from red, white or rosé wine. In addition, they also have a sangria from Cava and is our favorite there. Even in the winter months you can enjoy the mild sun here with your bare feet in the sand! Extra fun: Blue Marlin is located right next to Yemanja, so you can taste the atmosphere there too! Fortunately, they play the same music at both locations so that the peace is not disturbed! (2)

The boat house

Cala San Vicente is located in the north of Ibiza. The restaurant 'The Boat House' has been located on this beautiful beach since 2017. On the beautiful terrace you can enjoy the sun's rays that shine on Ibiza even in winter. That day we were there, we thought it was a bit chilly on the terrace but inside it is also attractively decorated with lots of vintage furniture. It is a special place where you can completely relax in one of the hammocks for example! Open almost all year round, except in January they are closed for a few weeks! (3)

Atzaro beach club

It's winter and yet we have our feet in the sand! chairs and lounge sofas covered with azure blue cushions are the decor of this cozy beach club. From Atzaro beach club you have a view of the extensive beach of Cala Nova. Plop into one of the comfortable chairs, take a deep breath and enjoy the view of Tagomago Island. Especially in the winter months you can enjoy the tranquility at this beach club. On holiday with the kids? They can lose all their energy in the children's playground of the beach club (open from Wednesday to Sunday) or build beautiful sand castles on the beach! The menu consists of tasty cocktails, fresh juices and Mediterranean dishes that are adapted to the season. They have delicious grilled fish, paella, pasta and tapas. (4)


At Vino&Co on the island you can enjoy delicious wines and matching snacks. Friday afternoon drinks are organized every Friday. Feel free to join us, especially with all the locals in winter! The tapas that you can order next to your wine are exquisite! In addition to the nice wine bar, Vino&Co also has a wine shop where you can buy the best wines from Spain, but also the rest of Europe. You will only find natural and organic wines (2) (4) (3)

Carretera d'Eivissa a Sant Josep, 60, KM 1.6,
07817 Can Bellotera

The Sun and its beautiful color pallet

In Ibiza there is something special in the air that allows you to see one of nature's most beautiful works of art every day. The sunsets here are so beautiful! In the summer there are special sunset parties in many beach clubs, but we thought that the sunsets might be even more beautiful in winter. An additional advantage is that you can now enjoy it all alone, with friends, family or with your sweetheart, a true private performance! Good places to enjoy the sunset are Cala Conte, Cala Moli or Cala Tarida. The sunset in ibiza is definitely worth a visit!


Are you with us also such an early bird,we enjoyed a lovely walk of the beautiful mornings while enjoying a delicious breakfast with a fantastic vieuw, the sun rise is at least as spectacular as the sun set.Good places to start your day include Platja Es Figueral, Cala Pou de Lleo or Cala de Boix. (6)

The Ibiza fairyray forest

Yes really, there is more than beautiful beaches and sunsets! In the summer it is hot and dry for a long time, but in the surrounding months there can sometimes be a shower. And that's not bad at all, because that's good for the beautiful flowers, trees and plants. Ibiza was once the flower power paradise of Europe and the 60's have never really left here, but that flower power certainly extends to nature. In winter the most beautiful wild flowers bloom, oranges and lemons color the trees and are ready to be picked. The meadows turn yellow and as a highlight you have the almond trees that blossom with the beautiful blossom. It's like walking into a beautiful fairytale forest.

ibiza-winter-flowers (2)

Halloween on Ibiza

Witching hour is upon us and is arguably the best time of year on Ibiza


If like us you have never celebrated halloween in Ibiza then you don't know what you're going through, we looked our eyes out.The locals pay a lot of attention to their outfits and make-up and there are also various Halloween parties with animation for the little ones .

If you think that the season is over and there is no party in Ibiza anymore, then you are wrong. Halloween is a celebration that officially kicks off winter in Ibiza. October 31 is always a popular date in the diary. A time for the island’s locals and workers to catch up and let loose after a busy summer, The island loves it, everyone shows up in dressed-up Halloween costumes especially for the most dressed-up parties with various shows and DJs. We saw several beauty salons where you go for your halloween make-up, and how we enjoyed the  delicious creepy food in the reataurants, was an evening to remember.

halloween-ibiza (3)
halloween-ibiza (4)

In Ibiza, several restaurants and hotels close in the winter, because it is too quiet for them. Of course there are always a few toppers that are open all year round. And because it's always nice to know where you can go. We also like to share our found spots with you.


Sir Joan

Sir Joan is the fifth 'Sir Hotel' in Europe, known for beautiful interiors, a homely warmth and excellent service. Sir Joan is located in the port of Ibiza, with a view of the sea and Dalt Vila. While the exterior of the hotel seems rather modern and minimalist, the interior is mainly decorated with wood and Mediterranean elements. You can choose from different rooms, all of which are beautifully decorated. In addition to being able to stay here, you can also enjoy a delicious meal here. Sir Joan has a wonderful restaurant that is also open in winter! 'The Butcher' is a restaurant where you can enjoy high-end burgers. Try the 'truffle burger our favorite. (3) (2)

Passeig Joan Carles 1
07800 Eivissa

We think it's one of our popular spots  to stay in winter is Agroturismo Atzaro. This is a beautiful hotel with spa and wellness. It is surrounded by nature with orange trees, banana trees and much more. You can do yoga here, get nice massages and much more in an oriental atmosphere! There is an excellent restaurant where you can also go if you are not staying at the hotel. Another tip is that in winter it is a lot cheaper to spend the night there than in summer!

Agroturismo (2)

This hotspot in Ibiza is hidden between the hills of the village of San Juan. Lovers of gastronomy, wine and the north of Ibiza will love Gare du Nord! This restaurant is open all year round, making it a good place to visit in winter as well. We received a warm welcome from the staff. Besides the fact that you can dine here in, for example, the beautiful backyard that is equipped with heat lamps, you can also spend the night at Gare du Nord. The 'boutique hotel' is a small bed and breakfast where we had a comfortable bed and a nice breakfast. The 'Gare du Nord' concept also has a car rental service. There you can rent an old hippy car very nice.

Gare du Nord. boutique-hotel-ibiza 1
Gare du Nord. boutique-hotel-ibiza

The Diocesan Museum of Ibiza

On a cold rainy day we went to a museum that is open all year round. Normally we don't like the museums but still recommented for those who love jewelry and would like to learn something about this history. The nice thing about this museum is that it is located in the cathedral of Ibiza. This way you can easily combine your visit to this museum with a visit to the beautiful cathedral. This museum was founded in 1965 and both the architecture and the collection of art are worth seeing. In addition to paintings and sculptures, you will also find an extensive collection of historical traditional jewelry.

Autumn and winter
Tuesday to Saturday: 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
Closed on Sunday and Monday