The best ways to relax and detox in Ibiza

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Now that the party has actually stopped it’s the time of year to look inwards and do a bit of maintenance on the body, mind and soul. Ibiza has long been known as a European centre for healing and wellbeing. The natural beauty of the island and the abundance of wellness professionals make Ibiza a blissful place to stop, relax and re-energise. Be it the simplicity of clearing the mind with a wintery forest walk or beach ramble or getting together with close friends for intimate chats over steaming cups of tea to going all the way with a professional detox, caring for the soul is easily done on the white isle. February is a lovely month in Ibiza! With the almond trees blossoming and with longer days of sun means that Spring is arriving!What could be better than starting the season fully detoxed and charged with energy.

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Which retreat should I choose for my next vacation?

Summer is just around the corner and many are already planning to start dieting and purifying the body to look gorgeous in the previous season.

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Six Senses Ibiza

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A brand new luxury quintuple from the Six Senses chain on sun-drenched Ibiza. The ideal place for a spiritual wellness experience, but also for a super developed health boost.

Six Senses Ibiza is tucked away on the serene and quiet northern tip of Ibiza. With crystal clear waters and unobstructed sunset views, this cove is one of the island's most hidden secrets. The highlights of Ibiza, such as the bohemian San Juan market, lunch at La Paloma or the sunset at Benirras Bay are within 15 km. The airport is only a 35 minute drive away.

Six Senses Ibiza is located in the “boho” part of the island, a place with a special energy. The resort embodies the spirituality and healthy life of Ibiza, inspired by the island's beauty, light and natural rhythm. A stay at Six Senses Ibiza gives a sense of togetherness and stimulates all your senses. Wellness and health are at the heart of the entire resort and the journey to a healthier and happier life.

Six Senses uses an integrated wellness offer. On the extensive spa menu you will find all the treatments you would expect in a luxury spa, supplemented with special therapies and treatments. There is a chakra meditation and there are alchemy treatments in which an expert alchemist creates personal, natural products for your treatment using local herbs and products.

Really special about the Six Senses Ibiza wellness program are the 'biohacking' programs. Advanced hacking equipment and stimulating the body's natural recovery systems to improve physical and mental health. For example, cryotherapy, which exposes the body to sub-zero temperatures, reduced inflammation, altered metabolism, cyclically restored and accelerated collagen production. How about the PEMF chair that uses electromagnetic fields to improve your athletic performance, reduce pain and inflammation, and boost your cell metabolism for faster recovery from injuries.

In addition to spa treatments, you can also follow mindfulness exercises, fitness activities and stress-reducing body therapies.

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sixsenses ibiza

Did you know that there is actually a place where the Cosmos has “stored” Healing and Cleansing energy for your Chakras that you can tap into directly.The truth is, the Cosmos has an unlimited supply of healing power that humans can tap’s called “Reiki”But did you know?There is also another way of tapping into the Reiki healing power of the Cosmos.a reiki energy healing braclet is made with seven natural gemstones that are aligned with the seven energy centers of your body.

At the center of one side of the circle of gemstones is a silver ingot bead featuring the Tree of Life, a symbol revered by ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians (as well as nearly every culture in history, including Buddhists, Kabbalists, and the Druids).It represents the foundation of life in all dimensions, good mental and physical health, and spiritual wellbeing.On the other side of the circle of stones is a second silver ingot bead featuring ancient Sanskrit symbol “Om” - which represents the all-encompassing Cosmic Vibration of the Universe.