Ses Salines

There is something for everyone on Ibiza that gives them a reason to board the plane for a few days to enjoy this paradise island. Besides all the parties, relaxed beach clubs, beautiful beaches, wonderful restaurants and impressive museums, Ibiza also has a protected nature reserve that is included on the UNESCO list. Namely the salt fields in the south of Ibiza.

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White Gold

Ses salines is a protected nature reserve with beautiful salt lakes. These salt lakes provide enormous salt production that has been taking place here for centuries. It used to be the island's main industry until tourism increased. It is also called the 'white gold' of Ibiza. When you drive past these salt lakes, it is definitely worth getting out to see what else can be found here. You will also come across dunes, pine trees and the beach 'Platja de Salines.

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Platja De Salines

You can therefore combine a day at the beach very well with a visit to the salt lakes. The beach is partly reserved for nudists. It is a long sandy beach (1.5 km and 30 meters wide) so there is also enough space for people who like to lie on a towel in a bikini or swimsuit! Behind this beach you will also find a beautiful dune area

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Sal De Ibiza

Once you have visited the salt lakes, you will of course also be curious about how the salt produced here tastes. The salt products all consist of 100% sea salt, without added additives or preservatives. The salt of the Sal de Ibiza products is harvested exclusively by hand in the Ses Salines nature reserve in Ibiza. The quality of the salt is of the highest level and the packaging of the products is a steal.

The salt products are sold on Ibiza itself in a very nice shop that you encounter when you drive from Ibiza Town to Sant EulariaAfter a 3.4 km drive, this striking store with a mint green exterior cannot be missed. In addition to salt products, you can also find other products here. For example, there is also chocolate, crisps with sea salt and salt mixed with chili, flowers, hibiscus or Mediterranean herbs. You can also find jewelry, interior and fashion here.

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Fortunately, the salt fields of Ses Salines are easy to reach! The highway even goes right through the salt lakes and the parking lot that can be found there is large with enough parking spaces. If you don't have a car, you can take a taxi (3.4 km from Ibiza Town).

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Beso Beach Ibiza Wonderful beach bar vibe.

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Since 2018, Las Salinas has gained a new beach club. Beso Beach Ibiza.

Beachclub Beso Beach Ibiza is the fourth club of the Beso group. Other locations can be found in Formentera.

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As soon as you enter the beach club you immediately get that wonderful Ibiza feeling. The beach club is decorated with beautiful wooden furniture and you will find palm leaves and reeds on the ceiling. The entire beach bar has a wonderful boho setting that immediately puts you in chill mode.

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On the beach in front of the beach club you will find plenty of lounge beds where you can enjoy the sun while enjoying great beats. The beach club also has a beautiful terrace which is slightly higher and gives you a beautiful view over the Mediterranean Sea and the beach of Las Salinas. The nice thing about this terrace is that you can also sit here with your feet in the sand.

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You can enjoy lunch or dinner in the restaurant. The menu is mainly Mediterranean and Basque. You can also use the beach service and enjoy various dishes and drinks on your lounge bed on the beach.

The prices are average for a beach club in Ibiza. Of course you always pay a little more at beach clubs, but in this case it is certainly worth it. In addition, the food is delicious and the view is beautiful.

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