Sa Caleta

Sa Caleta beach ( Es Bol Nou )

To the east of Cala Jondal and reached by an unsurfaced access road, the beach of Sa Caleta, officially named Es Bol Nou, is in an absolutely beautiful setting. What makes the beach so special are the  The secret tunnel with fantastic views of the bay, the hidden war bunkers and the ancient ruins.


The beach is backed by dramatic red cliffs, creating a feeling of seclusion compounded by its horseshoe shape. There are fantastic photo possibilities from the top of the cliffs, but please be careful and refrain from getting too near to the edge as the rocks might be unstable.

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There is only a very small stretch of sand, backed by pebbles.The cove has very shallow, crystal clear water. At the entrance there are pebbles, for a metre or so, but after that the sea bed is sandy - though be aware of some large rocks lying around. As the bay is very sheltered,the sea here is warmer than on other beaches,we found lying on the beach too hot.With the rocky promontories to the left, the beach is also a great spot for snorkelling, with many fish to spot.

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Sa Caleta is very popular with the locals and it can get very full, especially on weekends. Via a path over the rocks to the right, you'll reach two tiny bays that are popular among naturists. Alternatively, find a quiet place on the rocks to the left near some rustic fishermen's sheds.

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An Instagram worthy spot

The tunnel of Caleta

Near the Sa caleta restaurant you see an abandoned building on the left you walk up there on the right you see the tunnel It is a kind of crevice between the rocks That alone is nice, but the view over the bay of Sa Caleta is the real surprise. It's breathtakingly beautiful. That terracotta color against that clear blue water.


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restaurant Sa Caleta

There is one  restaurant  Beautifully decorated in a rustic, nautical theme, open year-round. In summer, it offers a weekly programme with live music and cultural events.

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Restaurant Sa Caleta is a highly popular seafood restaurant, nestled between the ochre cliffs and the blue sea of the peaceful beach.You also have a super nice boho shop.

Sa Caleta restaurant is on the road before you walk down.  the kitchen is also well regarded here.
The island's best traditional seafood is served here. Mixed seafood grill, lobster stew and rice dishes are the stars.

You can choose to dine in the atmosphericly rustic and cosy interior, the sunny terrace, or in the romantic jardin, under the canopy of the twisted Juniper trees.


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War bunker

This picturesque cove is also home to the ruins of the first Phoenician settlement on Ibiza.

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Past the restaurant, a path leads slightly up the mountain. If you walk all the way straight ahead past a building on your right you will come to a large open plain on the mountain, when you arrive there you will see the bunker(s).

These appear to be bunkers from the Second World War. These were made in 1940 for the protection of the coasts of Ibiza. The remains can still be admired today and have been treated with graffiti over time. Which in one way or another really fits Ibiza. You can enter the bunkers, because the underground corridors can still be walked through. Fun and interesting to watch. At the end of the bunkers you will come across a fenced area with the remains of a Phoenician settlement. This was the beginning of the Phoenician colonization of the Balearic Islands. These remains belong to the list of Unesco's World Heritage .


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