Las Puertas Can Soleil

The doors of Can Soleil

the doors of can soleil

Tip for your must-visit list: Las Puertas Can Soleil, a special work of art by Australian artist Andrew Rogers, right next to Time and Space (also known as Ibiza's Stonehenge), which he also designed.

time and space ibiza
It is often referred to as Ibiza's 'Stonehenge' due to its striking resemblance to the British landmark.
Also known as "the sun clock", "the monoliths" and even "the ufo parking sign", "Time and Space" is the real name of this sculpture.

the monument can be found around the cliffs of Cala Llentia.
"Time and Space" is a literal representation of our solar system, hence the columns are the planets moving around the sun and not a solar clock as many believe. Either way, the beauty and mystique of this landmark surpass any interpretation and it definitely deserves a visit, especially if you can stay there to see the golden hour after sunset.
time of space ibiza

A little further on, to the right when you look at the sea, you will find the 2 doors "Las Puertas Can Soleil"

Is it really worth going to look at two doors in the middle of a field? Yes for sure!

Two doors in the middle of the field may not sound like a special work of art, but anyone who actually takes a look will undoubtedly soon be convinced of the opposite. They are not just two opposite doors, but doors full of special inscriptions, treatments and motifs that form the symbolic entrance and exit of an imaginary room without walls, but with a beautiful (mosaic) floor. And that in a magical place on the island. Through the two open doors you can even see Es Vedrà on the horizon from the right angle, which can of course result in a super nice (social media-worthy) photo.

doors of space

Now of course you want to know where this special work of art is located. Fortunately, the way there is not too difficult to find. Just drive in the direction of Cala Comte and you will automatically come across a road to the left with a stone signposted Can Soleil. Take this road, follow the road to a fork and turn right. Follow the paved path until you can go no further, park your car and then it's only a very short walk to the doors.

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