Ibiza Foodies

Ibiza is a fantastic island for foodies. You have an extensive choice of culinary delights. You can enjoy delicious pieces of fish and shellfish, Iberico ham, fresh goat cheese and delicious Spanish wine. They also have a lot of organic,vegan and ecological food in Ibiza. This is not only for sale in the supermarkets, there are also many organic and ecological restaurants. And don't forget the delicious olive oil, herbal liqueur and the white gold of Ibiza.

First things first! When you are in Ibiza it is useful to take into account the Spanish meal times. The rhythm in Spain is quite different than we are used to in the Netherlands. Where we attach great importance to breakfast (el desayuno), this is almost skipped by the Spaniards. At most they eat a tostada or a sweet sandwich with a café con leche. Around 11 am they eat a snack (el almuerzo). After this comes the meal that Spain is all about: lunch (la comida). In Spain they enjoy a very extensive lunch around 2 / 3 pm. This often consists of three courses. Because lunch is so extensive, the Spaniards often eat tapas for dinner (la cena). This often only takes place after 9.30 pm. Because they dine so late in Spain, the Spaniards often have a sweet snack (la merienda) between lunch and dinner. This usually happens around 6pm

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In Ibiza it is gastronomic pleasure! There are great restaurants for a nice bite to eat. Nice to know is that Ibiza is at the forefront of organic and vegetarian cuisine. An awful lot of choice.

Eco Ibiza

It's all about green food! Ibiza is also happily participating in this trend. Did green food used to have a goat wool socks image? Nowadays it is hip when you eat green. Green smoothies, goji berries, quinoa and so on. Are you planning to go to Ibiza and would you also like to eat green and healthy food there,look what nice spots we have found.

Green hotspots.

Green food & drink

Passion cafe.

When you are on holiday it is nice and tasty to have breakfast outside the door. At Passion cafe you can get delicious, ecologically responsible breakfasts. Have a delicious breakfast with a fresh juice, healthy sandwiches or a salad and enjoy the sun! It is almost impossible to wake up better.

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passioncafe-ibiza (2)

The Rabbit Hole

The name of this tent already sounds quite green. When you think of rabbits, you quickly think of carrots, so green, or well orange, but healthy! At the rabbit hole they serve healthy, green dishes. Freshly squeezed juices, coffee with vegan milk such as almond milk or soy milk, raw chocolate and so on. You can also enjoy warm dishes here. Tasty 'healthy' pizzas, quiches and salads ensure that you can eat your fill. And all that healthy!

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rabbithole-ibiza (2)
rabbithole-ibiza (4)

Avenida Isidoo Macabich

Babylon Beach Bar

A super nice tent, on a rock, which protrudes over the sea. It is a hip restaurant where they serve organic food. Everything they serve is made from local, fresh produce. Fresh salt, olive oil, fish really everything you get on your plate is organic.

Zero Degrees

It can be very hot in Ibiza in the summer months and when it is warm, you naturally think of ice cream. An ecological ice cream can be difficult to find, but there are also plenty of ecological ice cream spots in Ibiza. Zero Gradi is a nice and tasty ice cream parlor. They make ice cream here with fresh products, all ecologically responsible. Ingredients that are used are often local, seasonal products or fresh fruit.

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zero.gradi-ibiza (6)

Carrer De La Venda De Parada

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Green Salt

Also called the white gold of Ibiza. The beautiful protected nature reserve Ses Salines in Ibiza is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is home to the salt fields of Ibiza. The salt products used in the kitchen all consist of 100% sea salt, with no added additives or preservatives. The salt is harvested by hand and the salt is of the highest quality. Also nice to take with you as a souvenir,Sal de Ibiza.

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Green Supermercado


A well-known ecological eco shop in Ibiza is Biorganic. You can go here for 100% ecological products. The nice and tasty thing about this shop is that they also sell fresh juices every day! This way you can leave the supermarket with a delicious healthy juice and healthy groceries.

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biorganicibiza. (6)
biorganicibiza. (2)
biorganicibiza. (3)
biorganicibiza. (5)

Avinguda d'Espanya, 11

Gluten-free restaurants

Are you in Ibiza and do you follow a gluten-free diet. There are plenty of nice hotspots on this lovely island where you can eat delicious gluten-free. We have listed the best gluten-free restaurants for you.

Wild Beets

A mega healthy hotspot with a wide range of gluten-free dishes. You can take a seat to drink a healthy juice, but also to have an extensive dinner. Everything at Wild Beets is homemade and organic. The dishes are beautifully decorated and are a real party on your plate! Wild Beets is located in Santa Gertrudis , a village where you can also spend the night while in Ibiza.

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Garu Du Nord

You can find this bed and breakfast in a special location on the edge of small San Joan In the restaurant of the b&b you can enjoy gluten-free dishes. In the secret garden of the restaurant you will find beautiful plants, nice seats and friendly service. One of the chefs has celiac disease himself and dishes can be adapted for you if desired. Even the cheesecake can be made gluten-free.

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garedunordibiza. (6)
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garedunordibiza. (5)

La Paloma

A real hotspot in Ibiza. In addition to good food, Paloma also has a lovely garden to completely relax. Allergens are well marked on the menu and there is a wide choice of gluten-free dishes. The food at La Paloma is created by Chef Prasuna, who developed her passion for cooking in Tuscany and then traveled across several countries to refine her expertise. Her creativity and passion, along with the amazing team in the kitchen, make for unique dishes.

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Can Domigo

One of the nicest food spots on the island. An Italian restaurant with a beautiful view. Founded by three friends with a shared passion for excellent food, fine wines and friendly service. And of course a shared love for Ibiza. Indicate that you would like to eat gluten-free and the staff will advise you on the tastiest meals. For example, order the delicious risotto and choose a bottle of wine from the extensive wine list.

candomingoibiza. (5)
candomingoibiza. (6)

Carretera San Jose 9.8
07830 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia

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You will find tasty sandwiches, pastries, macarons and many more products that are 100% gluten-free at gluten-free restaurant Celicioso. This gluten-free bakery opened its doors in August 2012. Does your mouth water when you see these photos

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celicio-ibiza (2)
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Cami ses Feixes 52
07800 Eivissa

The Skinny Kitchen

The name says it all, at this restaurant you can find many healthy dishes. The menu clearly states which dishes are gluten-free. For example, try the toast with scrambled eggs, quinoa, avocado and salmon. We love it.

theskinnykitchen. (2)
theskinnykitchen (2)
the skinny ibiza
the skinny -ibiza

Passeig de la Mar 20
07800 Sant Antoni de Portmany

Meditterranean Local Produts

There are plenty of local products in Ibiza. Many products are made on the island itself. The most famous local products are the 'vinos', Hierbas Ibicencas, goat cheese, olive oil and almonds. The production of 'vino', better known to us as wine, has been in heavy weather for a long time. This was due to an outbreak of grape aphid. Nevertheless, the production of tasteful wines has never come to a standstill. Organic wine is also found in abundance. You can recognize these by the indication; Vi de la Terra.


Hierbas Ibicencas

When you are in Ibiza you will encounter this herbal liqueur. The smell and taste may remind you of the Greek drink Ouzo. This is because this spicy liqueur also has the typical taste of aniseed. Yet you will certainly taste the difference. Besides anise, there are other spices in it. These can include thyme, fennel or rosemary. The makers of this strong drink are tasked with combining the herbs in such a way that the flavors are next to each other and not that a single herb predominates. However, when you indulge in hierbas Ibicencas more often, you will taste the difference in aroma. 

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hierbasaniseta (3)

Oli d'e

If you are in Ibiza you will undoubtedly encounter those beautiful olive trees. These are not only in the wild, there are also a number of olive farmers in Ibiza who make their olive oil in one of the two modern oil mills on the island. In these mills extra virgin olive oil is made of high quality. In order to guarantee the quality and uniqueness of these oils, they have created a guarantee label in collaboration with the local government, Oli d'e which stands for Oli de Eivissa. Traditionally produced olive oil from Ibiza. Because the environment plays a role and ingredients that only grow in Ibiza are often used in the oils, it naturally has its own taste.

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Don't feel like cooking

Rent a private chef when you stay in your holiday home in Ibiza. Your own cook at home, during your vacation, how great is that.

For a while enjoy with your friends and family in the garden of your own vila. You can also hire a cook on Ibiza from Mediterranean to vegetarian,from organic meat to fish. Or a cooking workshop at home.