How to buy or rent a house in Ibiza

What do you pay attention to when buying a property in Ibiza.

Do you have some money left over and do you want to buy a nice holiday home. Then Ibiza is the place to be in the summer. Buying an apartment or house abroad is not as easy as it seems. There is more to it than just a notary, but more importantly, what do you pay attention to when buying a house or apartment abroad.

One of the important things you pay attention to when buying a property abroad and in this case in Ibiza is of course the environment. There are plenty of things you can ask yourself when buying a home, namely where is the supermarket. How far away is the beach. Are there nice restaurants nearby. Can you shop nearby. If you really want to live abroad, you should of course also pay attention to whether there are schools in the area.

In addition, the condition of the house is also very important. What does the kitchen look like. The bathroom. And so on. But also pay attention to other things such as has maintenance been carried out on the house.

Finally, financing is also very important. How are you going to pay for the house, with a mortgage or savings. And when you take out a mortgage, it is sometimes possible that you can take out it in the Netherlands. But often you have to deal with the foreign banks. So let yourself be well informed.

Renting a house in Ibiza sounds like a dream. However, you should be careful when booking. Among the huge range of holiday homes, there are also many scammers. Especially on the World Wide Web, offers can sometimes appear deceptively real. 

There are many private people who promote themselves as real estate agents and at the same time are practitioners of many occupations. We advise you to work together with a specialist from Ibiza. is a real estate agency that filters the housing market for you according to your needs.This can save you a lot of time, hassle, and problems. Instead of talking to many people, can guide you through the buying process or rent procces, safely and efficiently.