Driving around the isla Formentera

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Back in time

This island owes its name to the Romans. Because a lot of freshwater was found and the soil was extremely fertile, this island was called Fruimtera. The island has not always been inhabited. Like many other coastal spots and islands, this island is also under threat from piracy. In combination with the depleted agricultural land, there was no longer any possibility to inhabit this island. Later, around the 18th century, little by little inhabitants of Ibiza left for this small and quiet island.


The island is located 7 kilometers south of Ibiza. The island has less than 11,000 inhabitants and is about 19 kilometers long. If you like hiking, you could walk all the way around the island in a day. You can also discover this island by bike.

The largest place on this island is San Francisco de Formentera. The municipality of the same name, Formentera, of which this is the largest and only inhabited island, has two uninhabited islands. Just like this island, these are only accessible by boat. As a result, you will not encounter large numbers of tourists and the island can be called pure because of its simplicity and tranquility.

This island is perfect for winter visitors, families, naturists, but also people for day trips. There is a ferry from Ibiza and you can set foot ashore within 35 minutes. People who want to stay longer than a day on this island have the option of staying in beautiful villas, small-scale apartments or beautiful hotels.You don't come to this island to party or for spectacular outdoor activities. You come here precisely to be one with nature. The flora and fauna are breathtaking all year round and there is also a nature reserve called las Salinas. Here is the salt production of Formentera.


La Savina Formentera

Going to Formentera, the first glimpse of it will be the working port of La Savina, which is the point where all boats arrive and depart. Here, you will get the feeling of a nautical place with the many ferry services that come from Ibiza and an exclusive marina where many big yachts come to moor. We can therefore say that it is, in effect, a small town with every comfort. Once you arrive, you will find taxis, also several car rental offices in case you want to rent a car or a shooter. There is also a bus stop.With the L1 bus you can reach the towns of Es Pujols, Sant Ferran and Sant Frances.The La Bahia ferrywill transport you to Playa Illetes and further to Es Palmador from La Savina during summer. It is also possible to walk to Playa Illetes, though it is not suggested to do so in high summer when the sun bears down at its strongest levels.

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La Savina is a port area that goes beyond the classic cliché we are all used to. This place hosts numerous bars, restaurants, shops and even a Hippie market that takes place during the summer season on the waterfront of the port.

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In this harbor there are remains of the old dike that occupies its southeastern end and where a beautiful cycle route to the Natural Park begins.

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La Savina makes a great base for holiday-makers, since from here it is easy to access all parts of the island, with the stunning beaches of Playa Illetes and Playa de Levante especially close. The presence of the yachting crowd, many of whom spend all summer on the island adds an air of exclusivity.

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To visit mainly in the evening, it will be pleasant to take a walk along the seafront to admire the wonderful yachts moored at the harbor. And finally, on the west side of the harbor you can enjoy the sunset

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San Francisco

The village of San Francisco is the island's capital and the most populated by locals. In summer, it makes for a very pleasant place to walk around; at its centre is a church square that's surrounded by white-painted houses and shops that sell a variety of goods.

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You will also find a great selection of restaurants here that are open for lunch and dinner and which are reasonably priced. More shops and restaurants can be found on the side streets that lead from the church square; many shops are particularly good for a variety of handmade clothing and accessories like jewellery and leather goods. During the evening the town is filled with a buzzing, yet tranquil atmosphere and makes for a lovely way to spend a night after a day on the beach.

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formentera-restaurants (7)

Fans of culture can visit the Ethnograpic Museum on Calle Jaume I, showing how life was lived on the island in times past with clothing, furniture, tools and utensils on display. Admission is free

Ayuntamiento - Formentera
Ayuntamiento - Formentera (2)
Ayuntamiento - Formentera (3)
Ayuntamiento - Formentera (4)

In the main square lies the Ajuntament Vell Exhibition Centre, where you can find a series of temporary exhibitions throughout the year showing works from local and international artists. Admission is also free.


The fortress-like church, Sant Francesc Xavier, was built in the 18th century, doubling as an enclave to escape marauding pirates and other invaders. At night it is beautifully illuminated, though it's a building that has great presence at any time of day.

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The  Magilcal Beaches of Formentera

The Balearic island of Formentera is Ibiza’s chilled-out little sister, beloved for its sensational beaches and off-grid laidback vibe and if there is one good reason why many people are drawn to Formentera, it’s the beaches. The best of them, such as Migjorn, Illetes and Llevant, are long, long swathes of gorgeousness, with creamy white sand and water that dazzles with perfect clarity. In any listing of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, these must surely come somewhere near the top. Many people affirm that these beaches are as fine as those of the Caribbean.

Ses Illetes

There’s no doubt that the most famous beach in Formentera is Ses Illetes, is on the sand-spit running north towards Ibiza. For decades this has been Formentera’s fashion beach, to which Euro groovers come for day-trips from Ibiza after a hard night at the clubs. There is no infrastructure here apart from a series of wood-built beachside restaurants; no showers, no sunbeds, no swimsuits (most of Formentera’s beaches are unofficially nudist). Illetes is beach life for folk who want to keep it simple – then head back to the yacht.

Ses Illetes-formentera
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Ses Illetes-formentera (2)
Ses Illetes-formentera (5)
Ses Illetes-formentera (3)


From the Illetes Beach in Formentera you just have to cross the sand dunes to get to the other side of this narrow peninsula. There you will find another long beach called Llevant (Levante). In this side of the peninsula there’s always more wind and therefore there are more waves. It means of course that this beach is much less busy even in high season than Illetes. Llevant is the favorite beach of surfers.

Llevant-formentera (3)
Llevant-formentera (2)
Llevant-formentera (4)

Caló des Mort

Somewhat distant from the more urban beaches you will find Caló des Mort, this secluded cove is found in the South of Formentera, and it is part of the Migjorn Bay. This cove is very small, and there’s only a tiny beach there, but it’s considered as one of the most precious beaches in Formentera. As it’s quite small and fairly popular, it can get very crowded in summer, so get there early if you want space for your towel.

Caló des Mort-formentera
Caló des Mort-formentera (4)
Caló des Mort-formentera (3)
Caló des Mort-formentera (5)

Migjorn Beach

The Playa Migjorn is the longest beach on the whole island, occupying most of the Southern coast of Formentera. It’s the favorite beach of many locals, since you can always find calm places with less people along this long beach. The beach is surrounded by giant sand dunes, pine trees and accommodations with sea view. Apart from taking a bath and enjoying relaxing moments on the beach, Migjorn Beach is also a great place to do sport on the long wooden walkway that was built there. There are also nice seaside restaurants and bars here, a perfect way to enjoy the breeze of the sea with a cocktail in your hand.

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During your stay on Formentera you naturally want to discover the coolest hotspots! Not only the tourist hotspots but also the special places. From nice restaurants, trendy boutiques. We have listed the best hotspots Formentera for you!

Juan y Andrea

The Juan y Andrea restaurant is located on the Illetes de Formentera beach. You can recognize the restaurant from afar by the beautiful palm trees on the beach. Juan y Andrea specializes in preparing seafood dishes. You can taste delicious lobster paella and seafood here. In 2016 the restaurant Juan y Andrea won an award and since then the restaurant is famous not only on the island but even all over the world! The restaurant has lovely seating areas with beautiful views. Whether you want a spot in the shade or a table on the beach, at Juan y Andrea this is all possible! Juan y Andrea is a popular place, so we recommend booking a table in advance.

Juan y Andrea-restaurant-formentera
Juan y Andrea-formentera-restaurant (2)
Juan y Andrea-formentera-restaurant
Juan y Andrea-restaurant-fromentera
Juan y Andrea-formentera-restaurant (3)

You can find Juan and Andrea restaurant

Playa Illetes
07871 Illes Baleas

Chezz Gerdi

Restaurant Chezz Gerdi is located at the end of the Camí de la Beuradeta. You have to take a dusty dirt road for it, but then you also have something! It is a super chill spot with a very nice, cheerful decor. The Volkswagen vans complete the picture! At Chezz Gerdi you can enjoy a delicious lunch, drink or dinner. Chezz Gerdi has an extensive menu and serves surprising dishes. You can taste typical Spanish dishes here, but also Italian pasta, a Wagyu burger or Japanese sushi.

formentera (3)
formentera-ibiza (2)
formentera-ibiza (3)
chezz-gerdi-formentera (2)
chezz-gerdi-ibiza (2)

The restaurant has an indoor area, outdoor terrace, relaxation area and cocktail and aperitif area. The restaurant also has its own Chezz Gerdi boutique where you can buy trendy clothes and accessories. There is a playground for the kids so they can have a good time too! Chezz Gerdi has its own free water taxi service for customer pick up. If you have your own (rental) boat, they also have a jetty. An ideal place to have a bite to eat and maybe do some snorkeling beforehand, because you can also spot beautiful fish at this beach! 

chezz-gerdi-formentera (3)
chezz-gerdi-formentera (5)

Camí s'Abeuradeta 40-45
07860 Es Pujols

My way Formentera

Get a true taste of Formentera in the glorious country garden of A Mi Manera, surround by the sights and smells of nature.

amimanera-formentera-ibiza (3)

Are you crazy about Italian cuisine? Then the restaurant A Mi Manera is highly recommended! A Mi Manera has a large garden where its own vegetables and herbs are produced. The garden of A Mi Manera is also called the magical garden, because here you can dine perfectly in the garden, surrounded by the scents and colors of various plants and herbs.

amimanera-formentera-ibiza (2)
formentera-restaurants-a-mi-manera-ibiza (2)
formentera-restaurants-a-mi-manera-ibiza (4)
formentera-restaurants-a-mi-manera-ibiza (3)

The restaurant works with seasonal ingredients and therefore the menu changes regularly. It has an extensive menu including tasty meat and freshly caught fish. All dishes are of course served with vegetables and herbs from the magical garden. Every Friday there is a special daily menu consisting of two traditional Mediterranean dishes

amimanera-formentera-ibiza (4)
amimanera-formentera-ibiza (5)

 Are you ready for quality time or do you just want to be pampered for an evening? A Mi Manera is the perfect place for a romantic night out!

formentera-restaurants (2)
formentera-restaurants (3)
formentera-restaurants-a-mi-manera-ibiza (5)

Ctra San Joan km. 12
07810 San Lorenzo

amimanera-formentera-ibiza (6)

Beso Beach Club

Is found at the tip of Ses Salines Natural Park, which has been declared a Biological Reserve. Once you arrive in front of the white sand beach with pristine clear water. Beso Beach provides the kind of beach bar vibes most people dream of when planning a Mediterranean escape, with a gentle breeze and laidback lounge music that picks up the pace as the sun drops into the ocean on her nightly descent. The palm lined roof, natural materials and weathered feel lends a rustic charm to the place, with stunning sunset views on the A-list’s favourite beach, Illetes.

beso-beach-formentera -ibiza
beso-beach-formentera (8)
beso-beach-formentera (10)

As soon as you enter the beach club you immediately get that wonderful Ibiza feeling. The beach club is furnished with beautiful wooden furniture and you will find palm leaves and reeds on the ceiling. The entire beach bar has a lovely boho setting, which puts you directly in 'chill mode'.

besobeach-formentera (4)
beso-beach-FORMENTERA (5)
beso-beach-formentera (9)
beso-beach-formentera (7)
beso-beach-ibiza (2)

The chefs at Beso Beach offer the best of Mediterranean and Basque cuisine. After 6pm you can try Yango Urban Foods on the beach – some of his taste sensations include international style hot dogs with unique flavours, before the a la carte menu returns for dinner.

besobeach-formentera (3)

They also host events and organise fundraisings for charities, and there is a small boutique selling local crafts and clothes as well as a tender service for people arriving by boat.

beso-beach-formentera (11)
beso-beach (2)

No-nonsense, with your feet in the sand, enjoy a light lunch, aperitif at sunset or dinner by the sea. Hip, natural, everything at Beso breathes sun, sea & beach.

Beso Beach – Parque Natural de Ses Salines, Formentera



beso-beach-formentera (4)

Beach Club 10.7

Overlooking Migjorn beach, simple chic styling and elegant white furniture that lets the perfect sea views and food do the talking. They serve Mediterranean / Asian dishes and all dishes are equally tasty and beautifully presented. 10 Punto 7 has become a favourite for couples  in love, enjoy the sounds of the waves rolling in.

formentera-ibiza (5)
10-punto7-formentera (2)
formentera beach-club


Formentera is a mecca for those looking for original souvenirs and items in the hippie style of Ibiza. On Formentera you will not find large retail chains, but all the more authentic boutiques with the best accessories, from jewelry, fashion to beautiful items for the home. Although Formentera is a lot smaller, it is not inferior to its stylish big sister Ibiza. It is not without reason that most hotels, beach bars and restaurants on the small island are uniquely decorated. 



Atzavara mainly sells Spanish brands, so you can be sure that you will come home with a unique item. Especially the garments of the Spanish brand World family. make Atzavara worth a visit to the shop, with which you can transform yourself into Ibiza hippie style in no time. But the Tanit jeans brand also has beautiful pieces, all made of denim, but always with surprising details such as prints or Swarovski stones. Even if you don't buy anything, you will step outside full of inspiration after a visit to Atzavara.

atzavara-formentera (3)
atzavara-formentera (2)


As a shop lover you can indulge yourself at Mandala, because all kinds of cheerful gadgets are sold here. They sell items that will take you straight to the beach: espadrilles, sunglasses with trendy frames from  Etnia Barcelona and Havaianas flip flops in all colors and sizes. But also Dutch glory at Mandala: the Dutch brand Scotch & Soda, a brand with casual items with an edgy edge, is available there. Men can also go here for clothing and beachwear. Extra fun: Scotch & Soda sells swimming trunks with the nicest prints, from cacti to jungle print.


Carrer de Santa Maria 33
07860 San Francisco Javier

mandala-formentera (2)

Full Moon

Full Moon translates the style of Ibiza and Formentera into all kinds of fun accessories, clothing and must-haves. The store is known for its beachwear: the colorful bikinis and pareos with hip designs are especially a hit. But you will also find straw hats and beach bags, sandals and brightly colored scarves at Full Moon. If you want to shine on the beach, then you've come to the right place at Full Moon.

fullmoon-formentera (4)
fullmoon-formentera (6)
fullmoon-formentera (2)
fullmoon-formentera (3)
fullmoon-formentera (5)

Carrer d'Eivissa 6
07860 San Francisco Javier

Catalina House

A very nice interior design shop located in the town of Sant Ferran. The mint-painted exterior immediately catches the eye when driving past. Appart from small home accessories, they also sell furniture, clothing and jewelry. Shop till you drop!

catalina-house-formentera (2)
catalina-house-formentera (3)

Joan Castelló Guash, 1, 07871 San Fernando, Formentera

Alma Gemela

The ultimate summer shoe is of course the espadrille. And that's exactly why you have to be at Alma Gemela (meaning soul mate). Espadrilles are available here in all shapes and sizes. With a big wedge, without, and even in ballerina or sneaker shape. The espadrilles are made in Spain (Ibiza) and produced with sustainable materials. Besides espadrilles, you can also find antique jewelry at Alma Gemela.

almagemela-formentera (3)
almagemela-formentera (4)

Calle Isidoro Macabich 9
07860 Formentera

almagemela-formentera (2)
almagemela-formentera (5)

Las Brisas

A boutique located in San Francesc. It sells handcrafted products and vintage garments from the work and war world. Among the brands proposed: Transit, Crossley, Humanoid for clothing; Htc, Le Solim, Vive La Difference for bags and accessories; ANGELO and Cerivintage for vintage; Rude Riders Pearly King and Askme for the t-shirts. Among the novelties the Spings snikers, made from ties, Hawaiian shirts and coffee bags and the Depistando bags, a limited production made from bread bags or military tents combined with Brazilian flags and fabrics.

lasbrisas-formentera (4)
lasbrisas-formentera (7)

07871 Formentera Carrer Guillem de Montgrí, Sant Ferran de Ses Roques

lasbrisas-formentera (2)
lasbrisas-formentera (6)

Formentera Guitars

Formentera Guitars is the most famous guitar workshop in the world, many famous rock stars are its most loyal customers like the Rolling Stones,bob dylan and Pinkfloyd.

Eki Hoffmann, a German landed on the island in the seventies, installed his luthier workshop in 1988 in the village of Sant Ferran, a few steps from the famous Fonda Pepe. It animates sessions of three weeks during which participants realize their own bass or electric guitar! A dream of passion. The opportunity to learn to build, repair and maintain its instrument with a master in this field. Eki organizes a guitar festival, blues and jazz every year in Sant Ferran - on the church square - around mid-September, not to miss if you are on the island at that time.

formentera-guitars (4)

07871 Formentera Carrer Sant Jaume, Sant Ferran 17

formentera-guitars (2)
formentera-guitars (3)
07871 Formentera Carrer Sant Jaume, Sant Ferran 17

For more information  +34 971 32 86 88


A shop that is really worth visiting.

The exterior decoration of the boutique invites you to enter, the warm atmosphere will help you juggling with a smile in a world full of colorful clothing and accessories.

The style is basic but very retro and chic, suitable to the sea and to the holidays, but also to the city when they get back.

It is minimal and essential, but especially vintage!

The clothes, the shorts, the sweaters, the shirts, and the swimswear are designed and created for her and him, with care and attention worthy of a small atelier.

vintage-formentera (3)
vintage-formentera (6)
vintage-formentera (2)
vintage-formentera (4)

Calle Santa Maria, 3 , San Francesc, Formentera.


Tuyyo blends Italian luxury, style and design with the Pitiuso spirit.

Tuyyo Formentera is one of the top rated place listed as Shoe store in Ibiza, professional  service in Ibiza.

tuyyo_-ormentera (2)
tuyyo-ormentera (3)

07860 Formentera Avenida Pla del Rei, San Francesc 64

Just when we thought Ibiza's hippie markets were retail therapy heaven, wait until you visit Formentera. Formentera was an insider tip for many dropouts and hippies as far back as the 60s and 70s. Many of them still live on the island and are there become indispensable. Formentera offers a wonderful mix of local islanders and "old" hippies who have earned their living there. Many of them still operate various crafts today, which make beautiful and unique souvenirs, especially for tourists. Many of them are sold in markets and small bazaars.

Hippymarket  La Mola

Pilar de la Moda is a small town located on the eastern part of the island, about ten kilometers from Sant Ferran. The only inhabited centre of the La Mola area is the village of El Pilar, formed by about thirty houses arranged around the parish church, an ancient eighteenth-century building. The local residents are called molers  unlike the other inhabitants of the island called formenteres.
hippymarket-old hippie
hippie-market-formentera (5)

During your visit to the Hippy market you will surely be involved by the music and the performance of some local artists: it is in fact tradition that bands play in the small central square. Of note is the floor covering on which the artists sing and dance: a multicolored mosaic composes the image of a dove, symbol of peace.


An unmissable event for every tourist, it will be here that you will be able to see and buy hand-made souvenirs made by local artisans and some hippie veterans. There are about fifty stalls and you will find a wide range of jewels, trinkets, bags, paintings, ceramics, clothing and many products created with natural materials, from wood to stone, from leather to silver.

hippie-market-formentera (2)
hippymarket-formentera (2)
hippie-market-formentera (7)
hippie-market-formentera (3)
hippie-market-formentera (4)
hippie-market-formentera (6)
hippie-market-formentera (8)
hippiemarket-lamola-formentera (2)

Another of the attractions of this place is certainly the lighthouse. Located on the high cliffs that reach 120 metres high, from here you can enjoy a breathtaking view overlooking the sea. To reach it, you will have to take a long climb and finally leave the village and the fields behind you. The atmosphere you breathe and the emotions you will experience cannot be described in simple words we got carried away with the wind and the sounds now we know why this place has so magic in it.

formentera la-mola
formentera-la-mola (2)

Codic Luna Bar

Afther sniffing much fresh air we stopped at the Codic Luna Bar a few meters away where we could tast regional products. Being in the easternmost point of Formentera, we could enjoy the beautiful sunset with a delicious mojito.

formentera (5)

Molí Vell

Continuing beyond the village of El Pilar de la Mola, turning right, you will meet Molí Vell, an ancient windmill, used to grind the wheat that was grown in large quantities on the island. It was built over two centuries ago, precisely in 1778, a period in which the island began to be repopulated after several years of neglect. This is the only mill on the Pitiuse islands, namely Ibiza and Formentera, which still has the status of working state. It was used until 1956. Legend has it that in 1968 Bob Dylan has lived there.

Bob Dylan is said to have spent a couple of months in the cottage near Molí Vell della Mola in the summer of 1967, but as there is no photographic evidence, his presence has become part of the legend of Formentera.
Dylan moved to Formentera at the suggestion of his intellectual mentor, Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg, after a tragic motorcycle accident (real or alleged).

The motorcycle accident he had in 1966 immediately near his woodstock home was the excuse that gave him the opportunity to 'disappear', escape the enormous fame and excessive pressure from the record industry, fans and of the media. He was 25 years old and many wanted to make him a prophet or a messiah.

The only "reliable" proof of his stay on the island is the testimony of the late professor of the Balearics and former transport councilor, Mr. Pío Tur Mayans, who has sworn over and over again that he has played chess with the singer to the little boy. Fonda Pepe restaurant in Sant Ferran.

formentera- mol-vell-de-la-mola
moli-vell-de-la-mola-formentera (2)
moli-vell-de-la-mola-formentera (3)
moli-vell-de-la-mola-formentera (6)
moli-vell-de-la-mola-formentera (8)
moli-vell-de-la-mola-formentera (5)
moli-vell-de-la-mola-formentera (7)
moli-vell-de-la-mola-formentera (9)

But interestingly, a picture of the very same windmill Bob Dylan allegedly lived in appears on the cover of Pink Floyd's 1969 album "Soundtrack from the Film More".Pink Floyd's connection with Formentera began in 1967 when band members, Roger Walters and Syd Barrett visited the island to stay with Dr Samuel Hutt, aka Hank Wangford, an English country and western songwriter who was renowned as London's long-haired rock-and-roll doctor in the sixties due to his work with drug addiction which, of course, brought him into contact with many rockers.

Twenty years later, Pink Floyd's guitarist David Gilmour, re-visited his passion for the island in his third solo album, "On an Island" to mark his 60th birthday.


More sightseeing on Fromentera

This park is located nearby Moli Vell della Mola

Ses Salines

For nature lovers , Formentera offers the Natural Park of Ses Salines. This former salt-winning area  has been declared an item of World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Situated between the south coast of Ibiza and northern Formentera, it homes the oldest, largest living being on the planet a 100,000 year-old posidonia, measuring 8 kilometres across and growing at a rate of 1 metre every hundred years. The longevity and growth of the posidonia is due to the fact that it is located in the very place on the planet that receives the largest amount of biophotons from the sun. This has meant that over the last 100,000 years, it has spread across the sea bed, dramatically increasing the amount of oxygen and natural filters in the ocean, and leaving it purer and more crystalline than anywhere else in the world. It is these waters that feed the magnificent salt pans of Ses Salines de Formentera.

ses-salines-formentera (3)
ses-salines-formentera (2)

Formentera has a long history of salt production, dating back to the Phoenicians in the seventh century, for whom the extraction of salt was the primary activity and essential for the economy. The salt pans, situated near La Savina are in the perfect location for the production of salt; it is flat, one metre above sea level and with sun almost all the year long to help evaporate the water. Sea water floods the shallow lagoons, then evaporates when heated by the sun, resulting in pure salt being left behind. Formentera's salt pans have not been in commercial use since 1984, but crystallisation in the pools continues nonetheless and creates an environment on which salt-loving flora and fauna thrive.

ses-salines-formentera (4)

The wetland, with its fragile dune system, is an Area of Special Protection for Birds and migrating birds use the area as a resting point. There are 210 catalogued species in total, including herons and flamingoes. Many small animals also find shelter here, amongst which the "Akis Bremeri" cockroach is completely unique to this area of Formentera and not to be found anywhere else on the planet. The wetland, with its fragile dune system, is an Area of Special Protection for Birds and migrating birds use the area as a resting point. There are 210 catalogued species in total, including herons and flamingoes. Many small animals also find shelter here, amongst which the "Akis Bremeri" cockroach is completely unique to this area of Formentera and not to be found anywhere else on the planet.

ses-salines-formentera (9)
ses-salines-formentera (5)
ses-salines-formentera (6)
ses-salines-formentera (8)
formentera (7)
ses-salines-formentera (7)

The landscape around Ses Salines de Formentera is breath-taking and other-worldy, with its salt-white mountains, making it very popular with tourists especially towards the end of summer when the microorganisms in the salt pans make them take on a pinkish hue. The best time to visit is at sunrise or sunset to make the most of the magnificent display of colours created.

ses-salines-formentera (10)

Products for sale derived from Formentera salt, such as beauty products and cooking products  the perfect souvenir.


Where to stay in Formentera.

Hotel Cala Saona

Hotel Cala Saona is a sleek luxury hotel on the beach of the same name; a sandy bay of shimmering blue waters enclosed by the cliffs of Formentera’s west coast. A hotel where you can relaxing in the spa, lazing by the pool. From the lounge terrace and the restaurant you look out over the sea. Perfect symmetry and an easy blend of accessories, both modern and rustic,while the restaurant presents a modern and traditional mix with intense local flavours. Recently renovated with a superb spa and lots of wellness activities, its 60-year history means you can relax in the knowledge that you will be well looked after. If you are traveling with children, the hotel Cala Saona is a good base.


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Address: Carrer Cala Saona


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Es Marès Hotel & Spa

For absolute luxury and pampering, go to the Es Mares.You will lack for nothing. Es Marès Hotel & Spa  is an elegant and sophisticated place that captures the natural essence of Formentera, named after the sandstone of the island. It was built in 2011 but pays homage to Formentera’s traditional architecture, while maintaining the perfect blend of authentic and contemporary. The hotel’s immaculate finish employs pure materials, beautiful woods and luxury minimal styling to relax you from the moment you arrive, with statement furniture and cool white themes. The contemporary Mediterranean restaurant offers fantastic seasonal dishes and homemade desserts with a multiple wine list. The spa is a sublime haven of metallic mosaics, ambient lighting and wealth of treatments to revive and regenerate you. The hotel also features private parking, a garden with swimming pool, lounge and conference room.

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Check here for more info or reservations.

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Paraiso de los Pinos

This apartment, 500 meters from the beach, is ideal for people who like peace and quiet and want to enjoy the surroundings, but who prefer not to spend their holidays in a hotel. At your disposal you have a tennis court and an outdoor swimming pool that feels refreshing in the warm summer sun. You imagine yourself in luxury and can enjoy the peace and nature undisturbed. The cycling routes are very nice in this area and if you want some life around you, you can go to the largest city of this island which is three kilometers away.

Hostal Casbah

A stylish hotel of the same name in the heart of the most authentic and rural part of Formentera, just a stone’s throw from Playa de Migjorn. Here you will find a place where you immediately feel at home and where you can take over the holiday feeling in just a few minutes. Within 5 minutes you are on the beach, with a wonderful sea breeze and your feet in the sand. The restaurant’s architectural design cleverly merges nature with modernity for an immersive dining experience. Glass walls reflect the lush greenery, pines and palms that encompass the luxurious gardens, creating an environment that emits calm from every corner. The smell of pine and the soundtrack of cicadas are complemented by a rich and varied gastronomic offering, all served under the balmy summer sky.

Casa Pacha

The people behind the Pachagroep have opened their first boutique hotel and restaurant.

Barefoot and carefree dinning with uninterrupted sea. Located on a beautifully sandy stretch on Playa Migjorn. Casa Pacha hotel restaurant is the embodiment of the glamourous Pacha brand, but chilling in a chiringuito beside the sea.

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Casa Pacha Formentera has 14 rooms designed to make you feel at home. Located by the sea, the rooms have an unbeatable view of the intense turquoise blue of the longest beach on the island. Patricia Galdón, the interior designer, tells me that she began the project by anchoring each bed to the sea view then working backwards from there. Her vision is an astounding success

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Neutral tones and natural materials such as wood or linen predominate at Casa Pacha. An architecture and decoration reminiscent of the tranquility and simplicity typical of Formentera. The Pacha essence is present in the establishment from start to finish. 'Hippy', 'Ricardo' or 'Lío' are the names of some of his rooms. A nice nod to the history of the brand.

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Casa Pacha Formentera will also be home to Pacha’s very first beach restaurant Harnessing the essence of the sea, lovingly interpretated in a laidback environment where guests can dine and drink with their toes in the sand around wooden tables designed for sharing, connecting, and bringing people together. The all-day-dining restaurant presents simply executed and delicious Mediterranean-style dishes, and a sunset tapas menu for drinks and nibbles from one of the most beautiful view spots on the island.

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Wellness and Impact are also priorities. At one with the nature in which Casa Pacha Formentera sits massage beds are located under the pine trees next to the dunes, and yoga offered on the roof. In line with Formentera’s own sustainability goals, Casa will be plastic free and will also support local environmental initiatives through the Ibiza and Formentera Preservation Foundation.

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Like to stay at Casa Pacha, enjoying the gorgeous sea view, check here for availability.