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Sant Josep

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San Josep (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia) is the largest municipality of Ibiza and is located on and between the hills in the southwest of the island. The municipality has over 20,000 inhabitants,  spread over five villages,which makes it a very pleasant village.You can really relax in this authentic village. It owes its name to Sa Talaia, the highest mountain in Ibiza. At the highest point the mountain is 475 meters and from here you have a beautiful view.

In the municipality you will find five villages. These are San Josep, Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Es Cubells, Sant Francesc de s'Estany and Sant Agusté des Vedrà. (6)

I love the village. It's small, cozy, and has a few good little restaurants and shops. Many beautiful houses are located in the area. The village is old. Actually created by the church, so that the population grew strongly in the 17th century.The Parish Church is a nice church to visit if you want to do something more cultural. The Church of Sant Josep has been declared one of the emblematic buildings of the religious architecture of the Pityusen. It has been awarded the name “cathedral of rural Ibiza. (7) (8)

Every village and town in Ibiza is marked with a traditional parish church at the centre, however, the San Josep Churech is somewhat unique when compared to other villages. The whitewashed building is of an exceptional height with a façade next to the belfry bell tower, a wide portico, a sundial, three frontal arches, and a large separate entrance to the rectory.The church is a regular tourist attraction for those cultured visitors on the island due to its magnificent interior design and artworks. (5) (10)

Looking for an atmospheric terrace in San Josep with a chance of live music.

Our favorite hotspots

Raco Verd

You can have a drink in the large summer garden surrounded by special plants. Raco Verd means green corner in Catalan. You will find it on the corner of the street towards Es Cubells in the center of San Josep Outside the summer season, from October to April, the outdoor terrace is unfortunately often closed. You can have a drink here on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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This small but charming tapas bar is a bit hidden behind restaurant Raco Verd  It is there fore my us absolute number 1 in terms of tapas.A very simple interior, with basic wooden chairs and tables. The indoor part is quite limited, but outside they have a sunny terrace.

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  Restaurant Passion Café's philosophy is to create good, natural and healthy food with the very best quality ingredients that are grown organically and locally as much as possible. Their motto is 'love  all and  serve  all '.  This is reflected in their menu as it is full of vegetarian and  healthy dishes, but also with delicious fish and chicken dishes. You can see from the food on your plate that it has been prepared with love.  So be sure to eat at  Passion Café in San Josep, you can experience the loving and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant yourself. Another very nice Passion cafe in Ibiza is located in Santa Eulalia 

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Can you also shop in San Jose? Yes, of course. There are all kinds of shops. From designer shops to simple tourist shops.. If you are looking for souvenirs, you can certainly succeed in this village. Traditional pottery made in an old pottery, beautiful cloths, but also delicious wine from a vineyard on the island. You can find it all here.San Jose offers a nice shopping experience, where you can enjoy yourself for a while. Incidentally, there are also a number of small supermarkets where you can do your holiday shopping. (12) (13) (15)
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Do you want ecological products, organic meat, environmentally-friendly vegetables and fruit? Or do you want to take home a real “artisan” Ibiza gift. Then go to the Sant Josep ec0-market. Many artisan Ibicencos make the products themselves on the spot, such as wicker baskets, rope slippers or folkloric Ibiza dolls.

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Sant Josep Accessibility

Due to its location in the middle of the southern province, you almost always drive through this when you drive from Ibiza Town towards the west coast. Still, it is definitely worth a stop in the beautiful white village. The village can be reached within 20 minutes from Ibiza Town Parking is available almost anywhere in the side streets or smaller parking lots and is usually free.

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