Easter in Ibiza

Impressive Easter experience-Semana- Santa in Ibiza

The lively Easter break also marks the start of the Ibiza season for early visitors. Many of our favorite restaurants are finally reopening after months of hibernation, and one by one the beach clubs are resurfacing on Ibiza's golden sands.

Also the Ibiza clubs open their doors, with hedonistic parties that are much written about. But before the island turns into a kind of Sodom and Gomorrah, first a very important traditional festival: Easter. Semana Santa is the Spanish name for Holy Week, also called Great Week or Passion Week. Various processions then take place that tell the story of the last week of Jesus' life, or the Easter story. It is the last seven days of the fast or fast. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday (called 'Domingo de Ramos' in Spain); the day when Jesus Christ arrived on a donkey in Jerusalem and was warmly received by the people who rushed to Him with exultation with palm branches. Are you in Ibiza during Easter? Then you cannot avoid the impressive parades that are held largest in Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town. Semana Santa Holy Week in Ibiza was an experience we will never forget.


Semana Santa is actually mainly about the processions. During Holy Week, between 1 and 8 processions take place daily. These processions are held to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These events are often depicted by brotherhoods carrying large platforms with sacred images on them. These large platforms can weigh up to 2000 kg and are usually carried by about 20 to 50 people.

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The big parades take place in both the center of Santa Eulalia and the center of Ibiza Town.

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During the processions you will see the brotherhoods in very special clothing. Long robes with fierce pointed hats, which are called Capirotes. These pointed hats evoke the image of the Klu Klux Klan in most people. However, these hats have nothing to do with the Klu Klux Klan. The clothing of the brotherhoods is inspired by clothing from the Middle Ages.


The largest procession takes place on Good Friday in Ibiza Town. On this day, hundreds of penitents walk from the Cathedral in Dalt-Vila through the narrow streets of Ibiza Town, carrying heavy platforms on which sacred events are depicted. Often accompanied by musical accompaniment that plays sad music.


The last procession takes place on Easter Sunday. This procession takes place in Santa Eulalia at 11:30 am. The procession goes from the center to the church in Santa Eulalia and this is where the festivities end.

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We also went shoping in San Carlos the easter over the easter holiday. To check out the Easter Edtion of the Las Dalias Hippy Market. Do not forget about Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, here you can find some Easter gifts.

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