Coworking in Ibiza

Creative coworking spots in Ibiza

It is now a well-known term and way of working for many freelancers and digital nomads: coworking. Flex workers, students, freelancers and entrepreneurs can now take their online work with them wherever they go. In addition to the convenience of an office nearby where you can work comfortably, it is also an opportunity to get to know other people and gain more inspiration. Ibiza has also smartly noticed the coworking trend and has a number of creative and pleasant spots to work. Since 2022 also a coworking apartment.

coworking in ibiza

outsite Ibiza

This coworking apartment is completeley decorated in boho ibiza atmospheres has 25 private room, a private bathroom and balcony equipped with a desk highspeed wifi,a communal kitchen, a space where yoy can work and a large roof terrace.

outsite ibiza
ibiza outsite
ibiza outsite

We stayed in the suite on the 3rd floor. The room has a nice few over the Es Canar bay. The room is very well decorated and has a bedroom and sitting/dining room and very nice bathroom . both rooms have a sliding door to the balcony. The balcony can only be used after 4pm for relaxing when it is fully in the shade. It is difficult to find a parking spot every day but other than that, we enjoyed our time at Outside Es Canar very much. (3)
ibiza outsite (2)
outsite ibiza (2)
ibiza outsite (2)

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The Hub

The creative Ibiza influences are clearly reflected in the design of this beautiful office in Ibiza town. Coworkers, digital nomads and freelancers come here to work independently, but also to share ideas and concepts with each other and to network. It is an accessible place where you can work flexibly. The atmosphere among the people is light-hearted and pleasant. There is a real sense of community and lots of positive vibes, really typical of Ibiza.

the hub ibiza

A number of other advantages of The Hub are the great services that you can use. For example, you have a luxurious roof terrace and super fast WiFi and, if desired, your own professional business address. This means that you can officially register your company at the address of the Hub.

the hub ibiza (6)
the hub ibiza (7)
the hub ibiza (8)

The Hub also organizes inspiring workshops in the event space in collaboration with freelancers. This beautiful coworking spot is not just about hard work, but above all about getting inspired and having a good time working.

the hub ibiza (9)
the hub ibiza (10)

Carrer Del Pedrer
07819 Santa Eulària des Riu

Orgin Ibiza

In October 2018, the hip and modern Origen Ibiza opened its doors. A coworking space with a clean and minimalist style. Freelancers work hard in these professional spaces and customers are also received. If you need a break after all the hard work at Origen, you'll be on the beach within two minutes! This coworking spot has all the accessories such as TV and whiteboards and services you need to work comfortably. There is also a possibility to give workshops in the larger rooms that are specially equipped for this purpose.

coworking ibiza
coworking ibiza (2)
coworking ibiza (4)
coworking ibiza (3)
coworking ibiza (6)
coworking ibiza (7)

Carrer de s'Illa Plana 7
07800 Ibiza Town