Christmas in Ibiza

Christmas in Ibiza

Sunny Merry Cristmas

Getting into the Christmas spirit with a degree or 15 to 16? Of course! In Ibiza, despite the lack of snow and the somewhat warm temperature, they know how to create a wonderfully cozy Christmas atmosphere. Includes crackling fire and Christmas trees full of lights. On Paseo de Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town, we saw a big one  illuminated Christmas tree will be the center of all the festivities. Furthermore, all hippy market were transformed into hippy Cristmas markets super cozy you have so many Cristmas colors and decorations which i am very greedy. So get rid of those gloves and fur hat: Ibiza is the Answer

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Of course Ibiza, like the rest of Spain, has certain traditions with food around the holidays, where of course there is extensive cooking and dining. At Christmas, Spaniards usually eat together with the whole family at someone's home, where they really do a great job in the kitchen. In Ibiza and Formentera they have their own specialties such as `Salsa de Nadal'. Furthermore, the turrón is a popular Christmas dessert just like in the rest of Spain. Fortunately, there are also plenty of good restaurants open for tourists or locals who like to be pampered outside the door.


Throughout Ibiza we see many nativity scenes and mobile nativity scenes. You see them in living form, but especially as dolls displayed on markets, squares or at the church. Many of these attributes are also sold in the stall markets in people's homes.

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Ibiza wouldn't be Ibiza if there were n't a few blasts of parties on New Year's And then there's the Epiphany celebration on January 6, which is arguably the biggest celebration during the winter months. At least for the little ones, because Epiphany means gifts.

When you are in Ibiza during New Year's Eve, you are 100% sure to go into the new year well! Are you planning to go to a New Year's Eve party.Do you want to dance to the music of the best DJ's in the world at most organized events you pay an amount in advance.

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We have enjoyed the tradition , The tradition in Spain is to eat a grape every stroke (so twelve) on New Year's Eve at 00:0. This will bring you luck. With New Years Eve (Nochevieja in Spanish), restaurants open in the low season in Ibiza often offer special menus. It is a pity that many restaurants in Spain do not have a website. So you do not know 100% where you will end up with New Year's Eve. Do you have a favorite restaurant in Ibiza? Then you could inquire at this restaurant whether it is a New Year's Eve menu.



Are you ready to dive into the new year (literally) very fresh? Then you can participate in the New Year's Dive in Ibiza! On January 1, at 12:00, nearly 40 took part in the New Year's dive in Ibiza last year. Around 18 degrees, water temperature of about 15 degrees, sun, glass of cava, fruit doughnut, that .. sounds a lot less bad than it seemed right!?