Cala Pada

Playa Cala Pada

Cala Pada is a wonderful family beach in the northeast of Ibiza, near Santa Eularia The beautiful pearly white sandy beach has a length of about 200 meters and is 10 meters wide. The bay is surrounded by beautiful green pine trees and rocks.


Ideal family beach

Because the beach slopes very slowly into the water, it is ideal for families with children. The water is crystal clear and generally quite calm. On the beach there is also a large wooden pier that extends quite far into the water so that you can also jump into the water a little further away.

The beach is protected by several reefs just offshore. Partly because of this, it is also a popular beach for windsurfers when there is a southerly wind.

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cala pada ibiza
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Cala Pada has sun beds and umbrellas, which is very pleasant during the hot summer days. You will also find a number of restaurants with terraces where you can enjoy a drink or a bite to eat. The restaurants give a beautiful view over the beach and the sea. Finally, there is also a small boutique along the beach where you can buy nice Ibizan things.

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If you are looking for a nice family beach in the northeast of Ibiza, Cala Pada is definitely recommended.

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Secret spot

Instagram hotspot

The swing of Cala Pada

Near Cala Pada you will find a tiny, hidden beach, a tiny cove in the red-brown rocks with two fishermen's huts, a mountain of seaweed and this adorable swing on the swing there are markings that refer to Senderosantiedi beach, a name which the owner of the swing himself gave. (2)
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How do you get there :

Near the beach of Cala Pada, in the east of Ibiza. Park your car here , make sure you don't hinder traffic, Then walk through the forest towards the sea and you will automatically reach the swing.

Or drive to Cala Pada and park your car there. If you stand on the beach of Cala Pada facing the sea, it is on the right. Walk past the water sports , follow the coastline and after about 5 to 10 minutes you will automatically reach the swing.