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There are many 'Nail&Beauty' salons in Ibiza. These beauty salons are usually divided into 2 different areas. You can go for a pedicure and manicure, the place where they can do everything you can think of on your nails. On the other hand, there is a room in the salon where everything is done in the field of 'Beauty'. Think of (facial) massages, waxing, coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows, the use of fake eyelashes, etc.
There are many beauty salons to be found on the paradise island!

Are you on holiday with friends, your sisters, your mother, your aunt, your grandmother.. Or with someone else who likes to relax while your nails are nicely painted or your back is massaged. Read all about our experiences here  where you can enjoy the best massages and the most luxurious salons where you can walk away with the most beautiful nails on the island!


Ibiza nails & beauty

Pauline Boom, Dutch and the specialist in Ibiza in the field of nails & beauty! At Pauline you can go for an extensive manicure and pedicure treatment.

You can get a manicure here from €35. Here you get a hand & nail treatment, starting with filing the nails, a cuticle treatment and polishing the nails. Then you also get a hand scrub and hand massage. Then your nails are naturally painted. You can choose a nice color or go for the popular french manicure. Of course, your nails are first painted with a base coat and after applying a color or the French manicure, the nails are finished with a top coat. This will make the nail polish last longer and the quality will remain good for a long time. Then your nails are dried and you are all set for a cool party in Ibiza! For €10 more, so for €45, you get the same treatment but instead of 'normal' nail polish you get a gel polish. This nail polish lasts for about 3 weeks and you can choose from 130 different colors. When you want to give your nails a makeover but don't have much time, the Express Manicure is perfect for you! You will receive a short treatment and within 20 minutes your nails will be in tip-top shape again. The difference with the Manicure is that you do not get a hand scrub and hand massage and your nails are filed and cared for less extensively. You do get a nice color on your nails with the nourishing base and top coat. When you walk out the door, you pay €25 at the cash register and you can take to the street radiant again.

These 3 treatments are for both the nails on your hands and your feet (Manicure and Pedicure).

acrylic, gel nails

You can also have gel or acrylic nails put on for the perfect look. You will first receive an extensive beauty treatment for both your nails and hands. These nails are 'put on' and after 4 to 6 weeks it is time to touch up your nails again if you want to maintain the beautiful result. After they are on you can choose a nice color for your now beautiful long nails or a French manicure.
You pay 60 to 80 euros for this, so you can enjoy it for weeks!

In addition to these treatments, you can also have your entire body waxed at Pauline, have your eyebrows and eyelashes colored or come and enjoy a wonderful facial massage.

Pauline has given many celebrities beautiful nails. For many campaigns including Louis Vuitton, French Vogue, Bvlgari and Armani. On her website you will find pictures of these campaigns

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ibiza-boom-nials-and beauty

Nail it Ibiza

The experts of Nail it Ibiza come from Russia and there are already 150 Nail it salons spread throughout Europe. The team consists of real specialists and has already helped many big stars with the perfect nails. When you have a party, a wedding, a special dinner, you go on vacation or you just need a pampering day, you can really treat yourself to such a beautiful gift!

The big advantage is that you can make a booking online and indicate where and when you would like to be treated. They can come visit you at your apartment/hotel and even at the swimming pool where you can lie in the sun with a cocktail while your nails look more and more radiant.

For a very reasonable price (from €20) you can have your nails completely refurbished. You can choose to only give them a makeover, but you can of course expand your treatment with lots of fun such as nail art (which uses nail polish from the OPI brand and you can opt for real Swarovski stones) and gel nails. At this moment you will notice that you are dealing with real experts because what a cool result you get, yes nails are really transformed into a work of art. You can choose from different treatments, from a waterless European treatment to a luxurious and skin-soothing Brazilian treatment. You can even opt for a natural eco treatment.
In addition to a pedicure and manicure, you can also go here for eyelash extensions and waxing.
On the website you can view the entire offer and make a booking!

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Are you also crazy about the Ibiza look. Where better to get your hair done than in Ibiza itself? Whether you want to have your hair styled, try out the latest trends or are looking for a beautiful salon for your bridal haircut. Often you can also have your nails, your eyelashes and even beauty treatments done at the salons.

Christophe Roch Peluqueros

This salon has a relaxed atmosphere, a beautiful interior. Many earth tones and in the middle is a beautiful Buddha. In addition to cutting and coloring your hair, you can also have your nails taken care of, enjoy a beauty treatment, have your eyelashes extended with extensions and also have your eyebrows plucked. So you can enjoy an afternoon pampered at Christophe Roch.

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Blowout Ibiza

The place to be if you are looking for a beauty bar. The salon is very nicely decorated, a beautiful wall full of flowers, neon signs and even a nice bar! In addition to blow-drying your hair into a model, you can have eyelash extensions put on, have your nails done, have your skin tanned or undergo a wonderful beauty treatment. Before this beauty bar had a salon, they worked with pop-up stations. With this, the artist will visit the hotels to take care of your hair here. Fortunately, this is still possible. In addition, Blowout Ibiza is aware of all the new trends in the field of beauty. Do you already see yourself walking with a glitter hairdo? After one of these fine treatments, you can safely take a few dances at one of the cool clubs on this party island!

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Bleu Hiarcare Ibiza

In addition to cutting and coloring, this Dutch chica specializes in bridal hairstyles and make-up. She offers a full bridal service. For example, you can have your trial haircut measured in the Netherlands. In addition, she can also come to your location to cut or color your hair, but also to get you ready for a great party .


The small salon

The special thing about this salon is that Eva, the owner, always works with natural products. These therefore contain no chemicals and ammonia. In addition to cutting your hair, you can also have your nails done, your eyebrows plucked and your make-up taken care of. A little tip from us, have your hair washed here… You will be massaged by a massage chair. That is a very nice extra.

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Bellissima Ibiza

Bellissima Ibiza has already had several celebrities over the floor. They have collaborated with Paris Hilton, Tiësto, Lady Gaga and Emeli Sandé. One of the better known hairdressers in Ibiza. In addition to hair styling, they also offer beauty and makeup treatments. So you can be completely pampered at Bellissima! In addition to their salon, they also provide hair styling and makeup on location, for example during photo shoots or fashion shows.

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After a visit from one of the hairdressers in Ibiza. I found a super nice hiar band at one of the nice hippie markets and that's how I complete my Ibiza look.